Saturday, September 29, 2007


Euphoria, more euphoria and more more euphoria. With all due respects to Palash Sen and Co., I have never seen more euphoria prior to that historic night. The night which would probably be etched in the memories of all who witnessed it. That epic final, that god-sent cricket match, that last catch where millions of Indians broke down in pure joy, and all that jazz. I'd heard about the cricket-craze in India. Thought I'd seen it too.

I'd seen nothing.

BITS, Pilani - Goa Campus auditorium. One of the largest in the country. 2100 people stuffed inside, somewhat resembling feathers stuffed in a pillow. At every little edge India gained over our spitefully treated neighbours, explosions of sound filled the air. 2100 feet kicked up dust when they jumped to their feet at every run made and every Pakistan run prevented. Girls who I'd started to think never performed the physical act of speaking were jumping up and down with craze for the game. For a guy who didn't care two hoots about cricket, the experience was disillusioning. I realised I'm in the wrong country if I don't like cricket in here.

Sitting with a group of people consisting of guys screaming their throats sore and chics blowing kisses at every man in blue on screen didn't help. Neither did the other people who gave me looks like I was a bug when I emerged out of the audi with a perfectly straight face. HOW could i not like cricket? How could I not be filled with an orgasm-challenging intensity of pure ecstacy? Nobody knew, nobody cared. India had won the T20 World Cup.

An eye-opening night. To add to the fun, it rained. Now THAT was when it really began. Nikita and me went racing in the tearing rain, with water cutting through our skins and screams of happiness emulating from us. For her, the happiness was the World Cup. Me, though, I was just happy. I was totally unimpressed by the whole cricket deal, so I couldn't really capture it through that avenue. But the rain pushed my spirits up by MILES! I felt free. Liberated. Caught the vibes from the air.

Maybe it had something to do with Test 1 getting done that same day.