Tuesday, April 24, 2007


A loss of words. A complete, inexplicable loss of words. Not the best way to make the first post on your blog, but well.... Compelled by the constraints of wordlessness, I am!

Funny how sometimes when you want all eight cylinders of the mind perfectly lubricated and greased, and working on full horsepower, it fails you. It goddamn fails you like it's the most obvious thing it can do. I can't think of any metaphors, any ironical expression, nothing at all. It's a terrible, terrible feeling.

Now blogs aren't meant for this kind of jazz, and I really can't seem to get myself writing today. Nonetheless, i shall post, for more posts on your blog give you courage. Somehow. Ironically.

And there, i have created the first Irony of my post. Seems Paradoxial, doesn't it?

No, I have NOT been reading Wren and Martin all night.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Heave ho, and here we go!!

After months and years and eons of contemplating on "to write or not to write", I finally decided on the former. Incidentally, this binary contemplation gave me a slight idea on the extent of the dilemma Mr Bard was in once upon a time, but that apart...

First things first. Kudos to Ruta to get me spilling the words out. Relax, let it flow, she said. And let it flow I did, and worked, it did!!

Now the next question is, what the hell should i write about? Miss Ruta left me groping in the dark there, didn't she? Goodness, too many people are telling me to figure out too many things on my own...

Ok now enough randomness for the time-being. I almost started a blog about 6 months ago, but left it halfway. Why? Fear. The fear of failure, and that's the precise thing i need to get over. The last two months have changed me to no ends, and now, fear is on the downhill road into the valley of death. Let's hope i decide to put pen to paper... Er... I mean, put fingers to keyboard more often and randomize myself into the sort of a trance associated with LSD.