Monday, November 26, 2007

Vis(ta)-a-vis Windows

There's a strange sort of euphoria associated with suddenly get access to the web and staying up till post-midnight. After playing a fair bit of catching the cook with the general chaos Microsoft and HP created in their co-ordination, I finally managed to catch Vista by the scruff of the neck.

So here I am. With one of the jazziest but suckiest OS ever seen. It's pretty weird, compulsion is, sometimes. After all the criticism I've heard of the system, it's pretty hard to see the good side. They're trying hard to make me see the cute little gadget bar on the side which is useful as hell. To see the awesome visual effects, the general feel-good factor about the system. All I can see, however, is the terrible speed. The frequent hang-ups, the ubiquitous feeling that Linux users are taunting me. Trust me will you, that it's no fun.

It's crazy the way people curse Vista around here. Mr. Gates is right on top of those hitlists. Almost to the extent of dissembling. For technology retards like me, it's all the same. This feels like going back to basics, but a computer is a goddamn machine. All I care about is whether it allows me to go online and do the fundamentals. But yet I can imagine the plight of the tech-geeks around here. Grumbling, more grumbling. It's weird.

Things gonna change? I think not.