Monday, March 31, 2008

Random Thoughts - Episode 5

In response to certain accusations that I've stopped being random, here's to Maddy :D

Random Thoughts - Episode 5

1> Ali Azhar sounds constipated throughout Garaj Baras.

2> I don't feel like throwing polo wrappers into the bin.

3> Notepad++ rule-th! Kudos to ET :D

4> Emergency Lights look cool when they're charging :|

5> It's been a while since I read Shantaram.

6> Why are EGGS used in Rangpanchami? I mean, COULD you think of anything more disgusting?.......... Maybe that's why. :|

7> I hate walking slowly. I simple HATE it. Except if it's on the beach.

8> I recently confused the starting riffs of Alive and Bring it on Home. VERY weird and unexpected!

9> I'm gonna try and mention Shippy on ever Random Thoughts Episode.

10> OMFG, I need to do Shippy's tag. It'll take way too long.

11> I'm sure I'm gonna update my blog before an exam this time, too :)


anu said...

Why did U gulp down the "four"??
Have U started numbering the fits of randomness randomly too these days ?!!? :P

JD said...

It was actually a blunder :|

But let's pretend it was randomised, shall we? :P

RaSh said...

ahh the randomised post no and the random thoughts and the...

BTW dats a small list.. :D

Hope to see another post soon!

weevil girl said...

i dont know shippy my name is ship.

Ibanov, Sir Rekaf said...

Wasn't he Ali Azmat?

Oh and similarities with Led Zep songs aren't uncommon at all - and now that u mention this one, hmmm...

Oh and yes, people pick on me for walking too fast. Wtf, right?

tasha said...

relates to 4,5 and 7