Saturday, November 21, 2009

The lady

He couldn't stop thinking about her.

He was a man of creation. A man who had so many ideas, so many thoughts which he knew would one day revolutionize the way of life. Every moment, he was thinking of how to make things easier and automatically applying his mind. It just came naturally to him. He knew he was a prodigy, but he didn't want the fame. In the moments where he didn't devote his time to his creativity, he often wondered why the rest of the folk didn't see the world the way he did. It was all so beautiful and it seemed everyone blatantly denied it! One thing, he knew for sure - it is the fear of failure that makes people unhappy. This fear manifests itself in quite a few forms, but it is the same fear nonetheless!

After all, being criticized and ostracized was nothing new to him. Every radical idea, he told everyone who would listen, is tossed around and cursed like a murderer left to his fate with an angry mob. And it was not just for his ideas that he was ostracized. In his country, his kind were not treated with kindness. He knew, as he knew many things others didn't, that they would be accepted someday.

As time went by, he because obsessed over his creativity. If he didn't conceptualize something far-reaching for a long time, he would get very restless. His inspiration, uniquely, came from people. He liked walking around the plaza, looking at people and figuring out how their lives could be made better.

It had just been a fleeting moment in one of these walks. He spotted her through the crowd, and actually walked back a few steps - something he never did. She was not your average beauty, but there was this ethereal quality about her. She wasn't your average pretty girl you wanted to get in bed with. You would want to talk to her about life and the universe! A few glances at her and one knew she had it all figured out, like she was almost mocking you!

He asked around in the crowd, as discreetly as he could, about who she was. When he heard the name, he startled in recognition - that last name was impossible to not know! From such a family, how could he not have heard of such a beautiful lady so profound in her thoughts? His mind started going far, far away, trying to comprehend what that look meant. Did she know something the world didn't? That subtle look, that amused glint in her eyes - oh those attentive eyes, how they soaked in every detail of their surroundings!

Leonardo shook his head, and made up his mind to get that mysterious smile out of his head. Whoever had the time to ponder over and paint Lisa Sforza, daughter of the Duke of Milan, when there were machines that flew to be made and holy blood to be protected!


Rover said...

Nice only :D
Dude, brilliant stuff. Though when you mentioned your initial plan for this post, the beginning seems suspiciously vague :P
Keep writing...and ABOUT TIME!

Saniya said...

Loved it :) Yo should write fiction more often.You get to make up someone with a whole new personality and lead your reader into imagining what you just made up.which i totally did.

Ajachi said...

The man can write fiction! Awesome post, though Mona Lisa actually came from Florence, and was Lisa Gherardini. But I'm just nitpicking.
Still, brilliant twist in the end, never saw it coming.

Rajika said...

More fiction please? :)

Prashant Nagpal said...

Dude awesome twist!
Should've made it longer and more winding!

You really can't help it, can you :|

Sherry Wasandi said...

With the way you started, I could never have imagined this would be how it would end.

Liked it. Do write more.

Gurneet Kaur said...


Catching up on your posts after a waaayyy long time!!

And this one is brilliant Jaydee :D

What others said, The Twist.

pao said...

hey..awesome post.
one of the best i hv read recently.

Tangled up in blue... said...

I believe every good story needs to make a leap.

A leap from the expected, and the comfortable, and the regular into the extraordinary, the stunning and the new.

And this story does that. And that makes it a fabulous story! :)

I love love love how it ends..

"when there were machines that flew to be made and holy blood to be protected!"

more more more! you will write more, yes? :)

JD said...

@Rover, deciding and writing posts does work, as we found out! Quite a creative early morning that was! :)

@Saniya, I'm on it! Write something, you! Anything!

@Ajachi, I expected SOMEONE to point out the fallacy. Should have seen it would be you :P Thanks, anyway!

@Rajika, it's on the way :)

@Pubby, Yep, I'll do that the next time. Got a few lessons to learn from you there. Honestly :)

@Sherry, Glad to see the idea worked! Following your blog does have good stuff rubbing off :P

@Reems, thanks you! :) WHY aren't you writing anything?

@Pao, write something! I miss your easy-reading stuff re :)

@TUIB, thank you so much :D I'll shell out more whenever I can, for sure! :)

* phew *

Abha said...


RK said...

And there she stands in the Musée de Louvre, braving a hundred flashes a minute. Inanimate, the smile never leaving her lips yet. Great post JD...brings Leonardo's romance back to Mona Lisa.

JD said...

@RK Nice alias, and a big thank you! Means a lot, coming from you!