Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm sick of all you hypocrites

Is the generation gap a myth?

Do we, of our generation, have to do the EXACT same thing as the people two generations above us did when they were our age? Isn't there a factor which makes the next generation have different ideals and different ideas of "fun"?

Isn't there a way we can make ourselves heard at the place we call home? Is there a way my grandmother is gonna understand that I'm not wasted and that I do wanna do something productive in life?

Well, as they say, too many questions spoil the blog (With all respects to the cooks and their broth). No more questions. I'm being slaughtered here. Being set deadlines and curfew that would sound fair only to a 5 year old. All under the name of "discipline". It's not for me to decide what I want to do. "Do something productive", they tell me. "No talking anything private on the phone at nights", they say. Yes, I was having intimate phone sex. HOW did they know?!?!?!?!

Not good times at all. I read in some blog that the author loves her family more now that she's away. I know exactly what she means. I would too. I just want to move out.

Move out where my thought-process isn't shattered to pieces by illogical yellings. Move to where I'd be able to think clearly without people telling me things that don't make sense. Move to where I'd not have to go according to norms that i KNOW are insane, but they're just meant to be followed because they've been followed for eons. To some place where I'd be able to put down in words the things i feel without anyone making me justify myself as to why I need to write. Too many thoughts. Too less typing speed.

I want to move to a place where I can develop myself the way I want to.

I don't know where that came from. But it pretty much sums up all that I'm thinking right now.


dreamy said...

*sigh*...its true..its only when you move away from your family,you start liking it more.Then again,there are somethings that can never be changed...rite?..and I personally believe in having strong long as you KNOW what you are doing is right,you dont need to prove anything to anybody...its all perspective.. ;)

Shreyas said...

hmmmm makes lotsa sense,,, i never thot that ways.,.. but now tht i think abt it..hmm yeah works exactly the way it does....

insanerambler said...

update.. SOON!

tahnee said...

i see were your coming from. but, i'm away from home all year round now for the fourth year, but the truth is all year i'm dying to get home, the minute i'm home i don't fit in. its maybe becoz i've just become withdrawn. the productive and non- productive won't even matter if the people you live for don't seam to relate with you nemore. there comes a point where it all seams pointless. until u don't breakaway from ever1 you never get to b some1 and do the things that matter to you.most of us just follow the orders of our parents who just wanna run our lives.
actually don't listen to me.
know this
however much u refrain form doing wat ppl b4 u did......someday u'll do the same without even realising it.