Thursday, February 21, 2008

Deep Down Inside...

Two blogposts in a day? To add to that, on the day before a Chemistry exam of which I know nothing? Some people are gonna be scandalized, others pleasantly surprised. Never mind. I've realized, after long enough, that these things help.

Inspiration of post – Something I said to someone dear. Something I felt she should know. A simple question I put across – Is friendship, being there, giving a shoulder to lean on and all that worth it if it’s gonna lead you to mental stress? Is taking mental stress for a friend, which is gonna lead you to something that’s gonna give you further mental stress, worth it?

How much is human behaviour determined by the desire to be happy? Dwelling deeper into that, to what levels can the desire to happiness be embedded? People go through great extents of pain, trouble and all that jazz just to get to where they want. How do they make the decisions? Where does that weighing occur, whether this much pain is worth the happiness that it’s gonna be traded for? How do we define “worth”? Where does all this subconscious thinking go? I certainly don’t see it anywhere!

A parallel I drew recently – Isn’t all the gameplay of emotions exactly like that one statement that controls the entire universe – “Every body tries to achieve a configuration with lowest energy”. Isn’t it the same with us? We weigh whether the positive vibe of the happiness will eventually overcome the negativity, and make decisions. Marvel, while we may, at the efficiency of this whole process – so efficient, we quite literally never know when it happens! Isn’t happiness some kind of “lowest energy configuration” of the human body? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve reached here and derailed my train of thought process. Offshoots like “Maybe we should research the chemical intricacies of how and why happiness is the lowest energy configuration, why the hormones act the way they do and all that. Maybe that’ll get me a Nobel” occur way too often.

Speaking of hormones – don’t we underestimate hormones? A discussion with another friend led me to another conclusion. When people expect an ideal world, they probably expect a hormone-free world. Stuff like lust, shallowness is considered as thorns in the sides of a world which is meant to be way different, way more pure. Maybe we SHOULD invent that Time Machine we’ve all been trying to invent, get to Adam and stop him from eating that godforsaken apple (I’m sure there’s a pun in there somewhere) . My opinion – God intended hormones to be there.

In fact, God intended everything to be perfect! Everyone does what they want to – isn’t that the simplest but most brilliant way of running a universe? Of course, the definition of “want” needs to be changed for you to understand what I’m trying to say. To “want”, is to choose a course of action which would determine which future set of choices you’d be provided. From this set, in turn, you’d have to choose, and so on and so forth.

“You can’t always do what you want” – probably the most misguiding statement in history. How about changing it to “You can always do what you want. Remember, however, that everyone else around can, too.”

Right then, back to Chemistry. Something tried, something achieved.


me, as i am said...

Well, You couldn't really keep chemistry away, could you? lowest state energy, hormones... Was there all this time at the back of your mind :P

And, well sometimes you just have to let go of people... Takes time, but then it doesnt seem all that bad anymore. been there, done that :)

and i really shud start studyin for es now...

bestaluck for whatevers remaining.

(ps. did u notice how i strtd off typin all nicely, using apos n al n then jus losin d steam midway.. blah! bbye)

pao said...

an intense me thinking about sm things.....
u hv tried putting into words what most of us subconsiously wonder all the time.
Keep up the good work..:)

anu said...

well...that self-inflicted suffering aint 'weighed'! tis arbitrary...dont ppl take pride in their pain?? Dont they revel in their suffering?? In their ability to withstand their own emotions??? course..thats to each, his own.
Pain is Humbling i s'pose..

apart 4m that..U realy got the hang of expression! Up it keep! :D

ohh n none of my busyness ta chip in...[as U very wel might think i kno!]..but chip in i there! ;)

Gr81 said...

Woha... That is some post!!

Sometimes u just enjoy the pain... u feel proud if u know someone else felt better coz of that... And its (nearly) always worth it!

Maybe its just our nature to feel happy when we help others.. when we give others (Ofcourse there's another breed which enjoys snatching things from others... be it a bite from a burger or a "Sip" of soft drink... :D)

But yeah thoughtful post... Nice!

BTW I think chem would be more fun if taught this way :P

Keep Bloggin!

anu said...

redirect to my blog comments![increases my no.of comments,see.. :D]

@nikita[as i cudn't find any other place to get thru to her..U beter start bloggin phast! ;)]...

first of all, there's NO1 in this world who doesnt make sense[not even mentally deranged ones! jus that THEIR sense of sense has reached a level at which they have lost the ability to transform it into sensible expression.] Does THAT make sense?? ;)

Secondly, a good writer is always one who's an inherent observer, a keen listener and an avid reader[thats MY observation, I might be incomplete(NOT wrong :P)] a li'l bit of vocab here n there helps too!!which is NOT askin much!so al u gotta do is...WRITE AWAY! Ur life doesn't depend'pon ur comment window does it?! :D

thirdly, the only way v can get ta kno each other is thru blessed orkut i s'pose...hehe here U go:

Fourthly... THANX! :)

BadaBing said...

niiiiiiiiiiiiice, score one up
Didn't really like it the first time i read it, but the post grew on me
(Yeah, i actually read it many times, jobless, aint i?)

Secondly, chemistry.....bitch

And finally, good closing.

undifferentiated said...

for some friends and family members we dnt always weigh teh hapines to gotn frm it.we kno even if we put in painstaken effort thngs mite not get bettr bt we still put in effort. thts coz its tht way.thrz no 'worth' of nethn involvd.
and abt hormones...well everythn s basically abt havin good sex, aint it? :)

reems said...

Many new posts,eh.

For the mental stress bit,some times there is too much weight on one's own shoulder and when another head has to find its place there,either it adds to it or replaces it.The former leads to stress,the latter needs stress.

Err,weighing things never leads to a solution.NEVER.Trust me,when a Libran says this :P

After going through this post,I am silently repeating to myself.'My Head.My Heart.The Happiness.Them Hormones.'
All this before Environmental Science,exam.Ahem. :)

Pooja said...

"You can always do what you want. Remember, however, that everyone else around can, too.” Right then, back to Chemistry. Something tried, something achieved........lovely...
felt every word in that post :))