Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random Thoughts, Episode 3

Random Thoughts, Episode 3

1> Bhimsen Joshi sounds better through laptop speakers.

2> Feels really good talking to shippy after a while.

3> Afternoon baths in late February. Sounds like the name of Georgette Heyer's newest book.

4> Rishikesh DOES look like Firenze the centaur. I don't know what's weirder, the fact that Tuffy actually thought about it when I told her, or that she agreed. Kudos to Tuffy, my patient listener of Random Thoughts.

5> Random Thoughts are my favourite posts.

6> Bing's latest post made me think. About couples and spring. About the overratedness of touch, yet the necessity.

7> I want to be able to write like Richard Bach. The feeling's always there in the back of my head.

8> I found my pendrive!

9> Why does the sense of security QUARK left me with seem false?

10> I heard the word meglomaniac on Boston Legal yesterday. Made me feel good about myself.

11> We should allow ourselves some leeway when it comes to pronounciation errors.

12> Random Thought posts are like fillers. Senseless yet essential.

13> HP called his room a brothel. Men cum and go all the time, he said.

14> Speaking about Geography always reminds me of the Ness Wadia road and the cute chic I used to check out all the time.

15> Why do I number my random thoughts? Does that kinda beat the point? Never mind...


weevil girl said...

that shippy isnt me is it? or id go yebebe and ask for another pelvic thrust. really.

i read the posts that came before and after this, the first point and teh last point of this post but skipped the rest the otherday.
now, when im trolling blogsphere for psychological insights into creativepeople'sheads [psycho exam tommorow. get me 73246852 sleepingpills, someone], i find my name flashed in red in your blog.

ok now you just CANNOT be blatantly truthful even if it ISNT me mentioned here.
be kind.

cloudedthought said...

thanks for the reference.....i feel even more sexy now .... *grumbles*