Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is the first post of a series I'd like to call "Thoughts in Transition". Yes, TiT, and yes, I intended it. Thankfully, tit ain't blocked on the campus net, so whoopee! Prior to this, all my posts were ideally well thought-out pieces which I'd edited many times over. This, I realize, doesn't do much good for my precious blog. Ergo.

I think I read an xkcd strip about how some people have four blog posts about being "Sorry for not updating blog". Put things in perspective. I've got quite a few of those too.

Anyway, for those who've not been given a demonstration of it, Radiohead is the new obsession. In the words of Chummi, "makes you floooooat!" True. Special vague mention - the initial acoustic-ish sound on Just sounds ethereal. Like so many other Radiohead moments. It's taken hold of me. I'm abandoning Nescafe to go back to my speakers and Radiohead. Odd.

Nothing too deep or insightful about this one. That's the point of TiT, you just grab the thoughts and let them out!

Er, Baba, if you read this post, try looking over the innuendos.


me, as i am said...

"I'm abandoning Nescafe to go back to my speakers and Radiohead. Odd."



You won't realize how much you'll miss it. You won't yet.

me, as i am said...

oh and prurient means having or causing lustful thoughts and/or desires.

and a prelate is a church dignitary.

don't confuse the two. ever.

Nikita said...

Radiohead \m/

i like the TiT concept :)
it wont let ur random thoughts go hither TiTher :P

lakshmy said...

Did you just say 'Baba'??!! Where COULD you have learnt that word. :P

JD said...


Dad is called "Baba" in Marathi :|

RK said...

That's me. The baba i mean.

Yes jd i read this one as i read the rest of your ramblings. And i have looked over the innuendos