Thursday, June 28, 2007

TaGgEd?!?! Again?!?!?!

Whaa?? Jahnavi tagged me? Goodness, I'll be known as the local Dog if I wear so many tags!

Eight Simple facts about me:

1> I take too many things to heart. Unlearning what I know is a difficult process.

2> I detest smokers. I think pouring hot tar down my lungs is a much easier and faster process. Don't worry, it dries later too.

3> The worst emotion I have experienced is the desire to express myself but an inability to do so.

4> Randomness runs in my blood. It's been injected, I think.

5> Being lonely and happy at the same time may seem contradictory. I'm a live exception.

6> Music is a life-support system to me. Take it away from me, watch me writh in pain and die. Do not ask me my favourite band. I think it's the most ambiguous question anyone can ask.

7> I detest shady SMS lingo. It takes not more than 6 seconds (calculated, of course. Nothing I do or say is Random) to type out the whole word.

8> I don't like stereotypes.

There, sister, done!
I tag the Rambler and the Shiny Oddball :P


weevil girl said...

ditto all but 5.

dreamy said...

u dnt lyk "smsville"??:P

me too!..and yeah..I hate it when people ask me who's my favourite band.

strider said...




hit a raincheck on this guy someone.

strider said...

we have put a stay order on u...
hhaa ,.. count ur days ..

Lucid Darkness said...

So it was YOU.

YOU tagged Ship.

*glares ... but only momentarily*

1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 happen to be the same.

You're a semi-clone!


// And do excuse the barging into your blog [semi-alliteration... whee]

Anirudh said...

Hmm I really agree to EVERY single thing , I guess I can see where ur coming from now when you felt you had a ditto thought process at my age :)