Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I promised the Rambler the other day that I'd blog everyday. Hasn't quite materialised.

Maybe I should stop expecting too much from myself. Maybe I should revise the specification for a "Random Thought" to be a "Blog Post". Maybe there should just be a Bijection between those.

Oh, there's a long way to go for THAT.

Realisation struck me somewhere up the line that my fitness resembles that of a Sloth Bear. I need to get my ass moving. And FAST.

Nothing else comes to me right now. It's 8:30 am, the time when sleep really gets going usually. Imagine if an owl comes up to you in the afternoon and gives you a hi-five. :

Goodnight folks :D


soul curry said...

hey.. don't worry bout not blogging everyday... its been weeks since i blogged.. it'll happen when it happens

strider said...

hey.. ive had a bat hi-five me at 3 in the night..
da owl is saner m sure..

but bats .. dey r sadastic man...
stik 2 da owls..

ur to-do list says abs..

sheesh.. 1 less bear on the earth then...
oh bak 2 my original line...

"i still dunno u..."

soul curry said...

You've been Tagged!