Friday, April 24, 2009

Adieu? Naah, too cliched!

It's just about 20 days to go, and we're all gonna scurry home to comforts, more baths, washing machines and generally more livable conditions. And I don't claim life won't move on, but there are people on campus who will certainly be missed. This post is dedicated to all those people who've left lasting impressions. To all those final year people who I've grown accustomed to seeing around, and passingly wave to. To all those people who'll definitely prove to be sources of inspiration everywhere.

Rohit DeSa. The commanding presence, the guy who I've looked up to as THE person to be, taking life so awesomely yet excelling in everything he's set his feet in. Never have I seen anyone else who has a solution to everything. Er, except for how-to-get-stuck-tunes-out-of-your-head, of course :P
Pralav Dessai. Just, being Pralav Dessai. There will be only one. The overflowing energy, the overoverflowing energy, the rotten-lovable humour, the cunning looks, never a dull moment! Oh, and the guy who uses my room as an encore room :P.
Gurdeep Singh. Guru. Coke. Nescafe. Bad Doggy :P One chap who's just about always there to engage in extreme vellagiri with, one chap who's gonna ensure you're laughing your butt off at his array of expressions, yet has the most profound ideas and thoughts.
Sohini Manna. Manna manna manna! The incredulous laughter, anecdotes always up her sleeve, so full of life and energy, and just pushing little snippets of senior-advice towards me. (Yes Rao, I do take Manna's advice too :P )
Sharan. Although I've moved away from this guy this semester, we've got the most wonderful memories, with the best music always playing in the background. The calling-up-when-listen-to-awesome-songs-when-in-public-place was a sooper thing to do :D
Many many others too. I haven't spent all that much time with these people, but guys like Gill (Sir Flashalot, the name says it all!), Bapu (The Firang guy, always a riot to have around), Subbu (Nobody will ever take you on in drinking dude, your legend will live on!), KB (Yes, the guy who learnt never to tell Manna anything about his life :P ), Jazzy (The flattener, the legendary statements, just jazzy!), Prakhar (Team Vella, yoyo, notsovellaanymore in IIM :P), Popat (Poops! Fofat! Poaps! Convener saab! Annnd a godlike music taste!) and anyone else I've missed out on.

It's just gonna be different without you guys. Everything will move on. Just, different :)

And, the inevitable cheesy line at the end of all this, you guys have been a big influence, shine on! :)

PS - Third yearites, I'll be seeing you guys around, so I really can't come to terms with the fact that it's your farewell :)


Sohini said...

awwweshtttttttttttttt............. we will miss youuuuuu tooo ..muahh

Prashant Nagpal said...

Unless you plan to write a separate one for the people who are currently in ps-2, i recommend you add those too. the likes of chief (for he is the Lamb of God) come to mind :-)

PS: WTF?!! I cant use my wordpress id to comment! uncool >-{

JD said...

I intend to!

Nikita said...


It still hurts everyday to not see chief around..

I donno how we'll do without so many ppl leaving forever :'(