Thursday, April 16, 2009


I cannot, for the life of me, write poetry. Except for the ones I write with Suramya, which REALLY doesn't count. I just read 15-odd blogs in the space of the last hour and a half, and everyone's been shelling out random poetry. I tried to get the deep inner meaning and all that, I really did. No dice. Maybe it's the PoM report.

Bleh. Feeble attempts to blow dust away. Mostly resulting in choking on it. Nothing attempted, nothing gained.


Rover said...

And I don't mean dust...
Keep trying though, you'll hit summat soon enough :)

dreamy said...

Forget writing, I don't think I even understand poetry.

Nikita said...

u r saxy
come ride my taxi
life is cool
u make me drool

and thats how WE do poetry :D