Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ambition makes you look pretty ugly

Ideally, I should blog everyday when I'm at home. What with the obscene amount of free time. In all the mindless banter of a vacation, however, I can barely string two sentences together. What with free broadband (like free speech, not free beer), add mindless surfing to that. What's the remedy? I wish I knew.

To make things so much better, I have no music with me. Barring all the classic music CDs Naren Mama's managed to bring, and a two-disk album of the "Millennium collection". Funny story about that too. I remember being gifted those CDs in 2002 by my uncle from the UK, all kicked that his nephew will now listen to the real music. Needless to say, I didn't touch those CDs, because I found the music too "weird".

Seven years later, I happened to run into those CDs in my room in college. Turns out I love all the songs on those two disks. Apparently, I heard Paranoid Android and Under Pressure and Glory Box back then and didn't like it.

Life's funny that way, isn't it? Stuff they teach you in school seems so relevant today. In school, if you even managed to mention how awesomely fitting something a teacher said was, it meant being instantly ostracized. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm not even saying it shouldn't happen. It's part of growing up, and all that jazz. Just that it seems delightful looking back and figuring this out!


Tangled up in blue... said...

I used to think MJ's "Heal the World" shud be made the national anthem!

You do outgrow some things..and grow into some others..

This post reminded me of the last scene in The Namesake when Gogol finally discovers The Overcoat and reads the story, more than a decade after his father gave him the book as a graduation present..and he realises its not as uncool as he thought it was back then..

Yes, some stuff needs growing up before you can appreciate it properly! :)

And buddy, blog more! like seriously!

Nikita said...

ALWAYS happens..
You hate what u used to love..
You love what u used to hate..
Time Flies.. (ooooooh listen to the song by the same name by porcupine tree btw!)
The post was ver "stating the obvious facts" but well written.. ( I am nit a pro.. but i still LOVE giving that comment :) )

Nikita said...


Nikita said...


:| :|

Just Me :) said...

To think of I loved, like loved Enrique and Backstreet boys at one time!! *Shudders*

Dark_Gal said...

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Nayantara said...

What, it's tagged under tit and yet it's this boring? :|